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             Dairy Sheep are a very practical animal to own. Not only will they provide you with milk, they can also provide you with meat and wool depending on which breed you select. This page is more directed towards aspiring dairy sheep owners in the USA as there is little information in the US when it comes to milking sheep but I hope that anyone wanting to know more about raising dairy sheep and even non-dairy sheep, can learn a little something from this site. There are quite a few things one can learn on this site. Perhaps you are just in the planning stages of wanting to keep sheep or maybe you have been keeping sheep for year but have only recently thought to use them as a dairy animal to produce milk. Keeping a sheep for both meat AND milk reduces the amount of equipment and care you might need in order to add cows or goats to your homestead. Maybe you are not convinced in raising sheep for milk. You can learn more about why it's a good idea here.

              If you have decided to keep dairy sheep then feel free to explore the rest of this site to learn abut the various sheep breeds one could keep for milk. Learn a bit about the basics of sheep care and also decide on which method of milking you'd like to use in order to collect your fresh sheep milk. I expect this site to continue to grow and be a resource for aspiring dairy shepherds so please if you like the site, continue to check back in the future for updates and more info about milking sheep.